Terms & Conditions


If you don't mind note, We Buy Any Apple Mac is an exchanging name of Minko's Macs Ltd.


Where Minko's Macs LTD consents to buy your Apple computer/device you will be paid the sum cited to you by means of the website, as long as your Apple computer/device or whatever other electronic device (and any of its adornments or related material) was precisely described.


All sums will be paid in GBP (£) sterling by the installment technique you have picked; direct bank exchange, PayPal or organization check, posted to the location you give to us. Bank exchanges and PayPal installments are made to you around the same time we get your Apple computer/device, as long as the item was precisely described. Cheque installments may take up to seven business days from the date on which your Apple computer (or other electronic device) is investigated at our premises. No quote we make is tying upon us until we get your Apple computer/device and examine it. We mean to finish our checks inside of 24 hours of receipt of any item. Any requite acknowledged after 4:15pm will be paid on the following working day.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by sending your Apple computer/device to us you certify that you are the lawful proprietor of the Apple computer/device and any subordinate hardware or extras that you send.


If you mis-describe your Apple computer/device, or it arrives with any faults that you have not informed us about, we will issue a re-quote, or if it arrives with any flaws that you have not informed us about, we will issue a re-quote. This re-quote will bring about a diminished cost for your Apple computer/device dependent on the severity of the faults/mis-description' seriousness/mis-portrayal of the Apple computer/device specifications. You will be informed by email inside of 24 hours of receipt of your item if a new offer price is being made. You can sign into your record to keep an eye on the status of its encouraging and to acknowledge/decrease any new offer. On the off chance that you choose to not acknowledge the re-cited offer, the Apple computer/device will be posted back to you complimentary.


On the off chance that we choose not to buy your Apple hardware we may consent to sell it on your behalf as your Agent at a commission to be agreed.


Quotes displayed on the site. All such introductory quotes are pending our assessment of your Apple computer/device and no binding offer is made until we have had an opportunity to examine the Apple computer/device or any other item that you send to us. We maintain whatever authority is needed to decline to offer to buy any thing that you send us.


We focus the estimation of your item taking into account numerous elements, for example, its age, make and model, wear and tear and any repair costs.


On the off chance that we choose not to buy the Apple computer or to offer it as your Agent you will be given the alternative of permitting us to recycle the Apple computer/device yet you won't get any payment for it. You should securely package the products you send us so as to keep them safe from damage amid the delivery process. You are exclusively in charge of any damage or fault that outcome from poor packaging.


You are exclusively responsible of the danger of misfortune or harm of/to your property while it is being transported to us keeping in mind it is dispatched from us to you, if we ship back the item to you.


Data Removal: We will erase any information/data upon your hard disk or other media storage located on your Apple computer/device and may reformat the drive in order to do so.


Should you be given a quote by means of email and after assessment of your Apple computer/device, we consent to pay you that sum, you are legitimately and contractually bound to offer us the Apple computer/device at the cost cited once you have delivered the Apple computer/device to us.


Should we, upon inspection of your laptop or other device choose to offer you a lower cost than initially cited, you will have five days to either acknowledge or dismiss that new offer. In the event that you neglect to acknowledge the offer inside of seven days, then your Apple computer/device will be paid at the new offer quote by means of your preferred payment option and ownership of your Apple computer/device will pass over to We Buy Any Apple Mac, if a offer is not acknowledged and the Apple computer/device is to be returned back to yourself any packaging, bags, covers, cases or accessories that were sent with the laptop cannot be returned as all these items are recycled as soon as the item arrives with us.


You must possess the right, title and all legal interest for the Apple computer/device or any items you send us. Your sale as well as shipment of any such thing must not violate any law or regulation. You may not unlawfully encroach any protected innovation, trademark, copyright, patent, programming, permit or other lawful right or confinement by means of you're dispatching or offering of any sent items. The items you send We Buy Any Apple Mac must be free of every lawful limitation that would influence the item's quote estimation confine your lawful right to exchange responsibility for items (counting the item itself, programming present on the item, or hardware on or inside the item). The item you send (counting every single related material, programming and extra equipment) may not be forged, stolen or contain destructive or hostile substance of any nature. You consent to hold us innocuous and repay us from any loss of any nature, including charges, costs, judgments, liens and sensible expenses emerging from any undermined or real lawful activity if you violate this term and conditions of this Agreement.


Lawful title of your items transfers to us when we consent to pay you the initially cited sum or you consent to acknowledge a lower offer that we make to you. Title for all items acknowledged for recycling goes to us when you consent to permit the item to be recycled. All decisions about whether or not we purchase your device and for what amount are final. Any offer to buy your Apple computer/device that we make is a non-transferable offer furthermore terminates if not acknowledged by you in a convenient way. Whenever we may choose, without earlier notice, to cease purchasing any specific items or all things.


Lapses: if we make a material blunder in any representation of certainties, data or offers to you, your sole plan of action is to ask for the return of the item that you have sent to us. Your capacity to ask for the items returns slips by upon your receipt of the installment we issue for your item. If you choose to cancel the exchange preceding getting our payment we will give back the item to you upon your request at your expense.


By consenting to these terms and conditions you are confirming that any benefit on this exchange can be dealt with as a gift. We affirm that all benefits from deals by Minko's Macs


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